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NAMIC – Virginia Women’s History Month Spotlight: Erica Webb

Erica Webb began studies in Early Childhood Education but saw the importance of a pivot when Cable came calling. As a front-line employee at Cox Communications, Erica made her mark training and mentoring new agents -before there was an official onboarding position. Erica’s education background also helped her bring the subject matter to life for her students (in this instance -customers) seeking support with programming a remote, troubleshooting Internet connections, or restoring dial tone on their home phones.  All the while Erica was known throughout the call center as a morale booster, whether in an unofficial capacity or as a member of the Center Pride Committee serving peers and spreading cheer. When she moved to the Social Media team, she most enjoyed showing new members the ropes of a department tasked with operating as the public face of the company.  In her current position as a Project Support Specialist in the company’s Engineering department, Erica loves the supporting role she plays in such important work performed by our Cox Business technicians and engineers.  She finds this is the perfect position for this time in her career, earned with the culmination of 20 years’ work and dedication to the company.

As a member of the NAMIC-Virginia Marketing & Social Media team, Erica gets to use her creative side and amusement with Social Media in a constructive way. She put together this Women’s History Month Spotlight series and publishes content on the organization’s Social Media platforms and worked on the committee to update the NAMIC-Virginia website. Webb is also a member of the ID& E Council’s Supply Pillar where she emcees the graduation for the Cox/ODU Small Business Leader’s Academy and helps to ensure the company’s spending with diverse suppliers year-round. Last year Erica was a mentee within the WICT Network’s Virginia 2022 Mentoring Program and had the distinct honor of winning the Leadership Conference Mentee Scholarship which included a trip to NYC and a stay at the Marriott Marquis where she heard from top speakers and met several leaders she’d admired in the industry for years. As far as philanthropic efforts, she gives of her time as well as by way of donations to ForKids, Veterans Homefront, the FoodBank of Hampton Roads, Tidewater Friends of Foster Care, and others. For fun, Erica cooks, dines out, travels, and stays young with the help of her 13 nieces and nephews, who make sure she laughs a lot! 

When asked what Women’s History Month means to her, Erica shared, “To me, Women’s History Month is about taking time to learn more about women who make an impact, large or small – especially those we don’t always hear about. We are all the main characters in our lives, and we all have a story worth sharing, moreover someone can benefit from hearing even the stories from lesser-known women.

Thanks Erica, for stepping into the spotlight to close out our Women’s History Month series.

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