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NAMIC – Virginia Women’s History Month Spotlight: Stephanie Clark

Stephanie Clark started with Cox in April of 2016 as a Technical Support representative. She quickly excelled in this role and assisted with the Onboarding team as a SME (subject matter expert). She transferred to the Receivables Management Back Office group after 1.5 years, where she currently is a Senior Credit & Collections Specialist. Her virtual team is EXL Services, residing in Bangalore, India. Training, process implementation, and back-office support is her niche. Anything from payment research, equipment disputes, collections, and posting payments are a part of her daily routine. Let’s just say she is a multi-tasker.

Stephanie has been recognized as the Cox Gold Standard winner for Q2 2018 and Q4 2021 in Receivables Management. Ultimately, she was awarded the Annual Trip and was a Torch Award winner for 2021. She is committed to ID & E initiatives and serves as the Co-Lead on the Generational Alliance pillar of the Virginia Council. On this team she focuses on bridging the gap to improve communication and cohesion among Cox employees of all generations. She joined NAMIC-Virginia in August of 2021, under the Marketing and Logistics committee. She is responsible for posting recaps and events to the NAMIC-Virginia website. Recently Stephanie joined Toastmasters to amplify her public speaking abilities.

Personally, she is married to her loving husband Ben and has a 10-year-old daughter named Ellie. Stephanie loves all things arts and crafts. Painting, refurbishing furniture, sewing, scrapbooking, you name it, and she does it. This passion has been passed down to her daughter and they frequently craft together. Their family loves to garden, to go on camping trips, and to play Mario Kart.

When asked what Women’s History Month means to her, Stephanie shared: “I think about all the wonderful women that have impacted the way we live today and helped shape the world. The triumphs, tribulations, and the progress made in efforts to propel women into the future and to ensure their rights are protected are all things that come to mind. This month I like to focus on sharing those stories with my daughter, Ellie. I want her to know that anyone can make difference. I am doing my best to show her the importance of inclusion, diversity, and equity among all human beings. Whether we are male or female, the color of our skin, or the way we choose to live our lives should not affect our basic human rights. We all deserve a chance, a voice, and a platform. My hope is that she will grow up with this same spirit and will continue to spread love, hope, and encouragement to anyone she encounters in life.”

Thanks Stephanie, for sharing this message to your daughter and all the little girls out there, in our Women’s History Month series.

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