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Integrity Leadership 3-Part Webinar!

In Part One of our 3-Part Series around Leadership Integrity Raquelle Zuzarte, Founder of EQUITY: Project for All, illustrated key principles, behaviors, and real life examples that drive Integrity Leadership. She provided practical tools to apply these Integrity Leadership principles to every day life on the job and in our personal lives.

In the Third Part of the 3-Part Series, Raquelle will be drawing on the principles of persuasive storytelling. Participants will maximize their gravitas as leaders who influence and win people to their way of thinking.  They will learn the secrets of reframing arguments in a win-win framework, how to negotiate with limited resources towards a common goal, increase their organizational impact and deepen diverse relationships across their stakeholders

Don’t miss it!

Integrity Leadership: Persuasive Storytelling (Part 3) – October 17, 2019

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