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Homeless Intervention Parking Lot Outreach Spring 2022

On Saturday, March 5th at 6:30am our NAMIC – Virginia team and volunteers gathered together to support Veterans’ HomeFront in assisting the parking lot outreach program at Walmart, Sams Circle. Our team put together care packages full of items such as bread, water, fruit cups, fruit snacks, peanut butter, juice boxes, and a hot sandwich from McDonalds and delivered them to those in need in their cars. The smiles that we received from those that were given care packages was all the thanks we needed! This was truly a humbling and eye opening experience!

We thank everyone who came out to help including our youth volunteers who are truly setting a trend of community impact at such a young age! A special shout out to volunteers from the Veterans ERG who supported our efforts! We look forward to continuing to impact our community as we have these events quarterly so please be on the lookout for the next outreach event! If you would also like to donate items or funds to purchase items for our next outreach event please feel free to reach out to!

As the video mentions there are some leadership roles that are opening up this year! We are a well-oiled machine looking for leaders who are motivated and up to the challenge! If you are interested please contact us at and we can provide you with more details! Please continue to follow us on FB, LinkedIn, IG, Youtube, LinkedIn, IG, Youtube, Twitter, Eventbrite, and check out our website  for more events and to join!

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