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Putting Your Best Foot Forward

NAMIC-Virginia celebrated Black History Month with an amazing conversation about putting your best foot forward to achieve incredible results. Our event was moderated by Dr. David Arrington, founder of Arrington Coaching, LLC and Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of Promotable: How to Demonstrate Your Value, Highlight Your Potential & Land Your Next Promotion. Our special guest was Glennis Midgett, Receivables Management Leader at Cox Communications.

Glennis shared her courage discussing her career journey and multiple promotions while surviving breast cancer. She gave great advice for early career professionals that may not know where to start. Glennis spoke to the importance of sharing our aspirations with our leaders and joining organizations that feed our passion.

David and Glennis had great dialogue around making memorable connections and maintaining strong relationships that help to expand our comfort zones. Glennis also spoke with transparency about times she had to do just a little bit more as a female leader. It reminds us that women are leaders, influencers and strategists while sometimes having to work twice as hard as their male counterparts.

Glennis’s candor left everyone emotionally recharged to overcome obstacles in our personal and professional journeys. We knew this conversation would include actionable steps that will help us navigate our careers. We could not have known the emotional intelligence and authenticity Glennis would bring to this session. Thank you to both David and Glennis for genuine conversation we all needed. Please follow Namic-Virginia on our social media platforms and be sure to attend one of our events to join the discourse.


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