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Men With a Purpose

NAMIC-Virginia was joined by an incredible panel of leaders in our industry. Moderator, LeVoyd Carter, is Executive Director, Diversity and Inclusion, Cox Communications. Our panelists included Carvel Wallace, Vice President, NAMIC-NY. Carvel also is the Manager, Affiliate Distribution Operations for AMC Networks. We were also joined by Dave Duff, Vice President, Content Distribution, REVOLT MEDIA & TV. Our panel was rounded out with Bruce Crooks, Vice President, Customer Care, Cox Communications.

We had an excellent session jam-packed with pearls of wisdom for us to takeaway. The discussion kicked off with with the panelists sharing personal experiences about learning from past mistakes. The conversation then led us into how to avoid complacency in our current roles. We engaged on how early career choices can lead to success including how to approach new challenges and developing our networks. The panelists shared thoughts around creating a safe workspace for everyone in challenging times.

The event also embraced head-on issues with Diversity and Inclusion which is what we are so passionate about in our organization. The panelists really dropped some jewels for us on this topic. We talked about closing the gap for women in non-traditional roles and how men can be advocates for women in the workplace. The panelists also shared candid thoughts on how you can appropriately stand up in the workplace for what is right in terms of racial inequity. We got to hear personal experiences that our panelists used to solidify their convictions and strengthen their leadership abilities. We closed with a renewed sense of purpose in our mission as the panelists and NAMIC-Virginia leadership gave closing remarks.

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