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Women on a Mission

We had an amazing event with three inspirational leaders. We were joined by Alexandria Latimer, Research Manager TV One / NAMIC -Capital Area along with Verlaine Quinniey, Founder/CEO The Connect 757 and Kathryn Falk, VP/Market Leader Cox Communications. Kathryn shared her thoughts on work-life balance which she states can vary depending on the day. The key according to Kathryn is to always focus on who needs us the most on any given day. Be focused and “in the moment” at all times giving 100% of yourself whether you’re focused on work, children or other aspects of life. Alexandria shared some of her most important values which include prioritizing mental health and self health in these challenging times. Verlaine spoke to us about mentoring, challenging ourselves and how to focus on adding additional skills.

Kathryn described herself as an optimist focusing on strengthening relationships through gratitude. She also shared strategies for building trust with our teams when leading individuals that may be more guarded. Alexandria talked about she is constantly evolving and what that means to her. She also shared that she prefers to put pen to paper in a journal as opposed to using her phone for everything. Oh, and she showed us her style personalizing her journal to create moments of joy even as she plans her day. Verlaine is ever-expanding and gave us great advice and tips to help those of us living alone through the pandemic.

Each leader shared thoughts on potential changes to our new normal when the quarantine is over. Some things that aren’t changing are the value of your networking skills, the value of tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, and the value of real human connection. Namic-Virginia President, Lakysha Laing, gave us some food for thought discussing the power of grace and how to ask for help, be forgiving of yourself and how to recognize when others need help. If you missed out on this event, make sure to follow NAMIC-Virginia on your platform of choice so you don’t miss the opportunities to connect throughout the year!

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