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Lunch with Lakysha

It was a fun time having Lunch with Lakysha! We are all in this together, and our NAMIC chapter remains active connecting with all our members. We learned a lot about NAMIC VA President, Lakysha Laing and she shared impactful stories during a candid Q&A session. We also had a couple of special guests in attendance. Susan Waldman, Sr. Mgr. Membership and Publications from our NAMIC national team attended highlighting our chapter’s contribution to the broader NAMIC community. We also hosted Carvel Wallace, Vice President of our NAMIC New York chapter. He gave great advice from his experience in the industry. We discussed working through the challenges of an almost exclusive remote workforce, why networking is so much more than working towards a promotion and we heard success stories from chapter members. Throughout 2020, our chapter will be doing more than ever to engage YOU with programs and meeting formats that have broad appeal. Get involved. Participate. Watch for our e-mails. Connect with us! 

“You don’t know a person until they share their story. The event was fun and inspiring and I look forward to the next event.” – Shanna Williams

“I wanted to send you a quick “Thank You” for putting together today’s “Lunch with Lakysha”. It was nice to hear some stories that help shape/develop you professionally. It also was Fun, Fast Paced and Informative. I’m looking forward to the next one.” – Randy Morgart

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