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NAMIC – Virginia Speed Networking Event

On Thursday September 29th, NAMIC-Virginia hosted its first ever Virtual Speed Networking session. The world of networking looks a little different these days. Thanks to a pandemic, we now have more employees and entire companies working from home.  It is extremely important to STAY CONNECTED. Did you know that 40% of people feel more comfortable engaging with others online than in person? Since Virtual Networking will continue to be the new normal, lets be intentional and get good at it.

During our presentation our NAMIC-Virginia President, Lakysha Laing, went over how to perfect a 30-Second Pitch. You should you let people know who you are and what you do, listen to their introductions, and then extend an invitation for follow-up. Building strong connections with new people or people outside of your typical daily network, will not only enhance your growth as a professional; it will allow you to boost your personal confidence level. Networking is essential for creating opportunities for new projects, becoming a viable candidate for new positions, and creating sponsors/cheerleaders who will speak your name in a room when you are not there.

There were several breakout rooms where our attendees were able to practice and receive feedback on the 30-second pitches, because we all know the saying Practice Makes Perfect! Continue to practice your pitch with family, friends, or in the mirror. You will find over time that tweaks will help you feel more comfortable and allow your confidence to shine through.

Congratulations to our two raffle winners, Dawn Johnson and Bria Mason. Please follow us on all of our social media channels for upcoming news and future events. We would like to thank all who attended and encourage everyone to check out the video on YouTube.

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