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NAMIC-Virginia’s 5 Year Anniversary Celebration

On Tuesday May 31st, 2022, we met virtually to celebrate NAMIC-Virginia’s 5-year anniversary. Just five years ago our Virginia Chapter was incorporated, starting with just 88 members in 2017. Over time we have continually expanded our member reach and today are proud to have over 200 members helping us educate the telecommunication industry in topics such as professional development, personal/financial growth, and community involvement. We reminisced on our past events and recalled our achievements we have been recognized for nationally. Do you remember in 2018 we swept the NAMIC Awards when we were awarded Chapter of the Year, Best in Marketing, and Best Event Management? No other chapter to date has beat this record.

We’ve been able to host many amazing events over the last 5 years both in person and virtually. Who can forget our Launch Party or our Level-Up and Making Money Moves series? These are just a few of the happenings we have kept up with and continue to add more talented industry professionals to our long list of esteemed guest speakers. We listened to some heartfelt tributes recorded by past and present members of our Chapter, as well as some special guests from our Partners and fellow NAMIC chapters. The overall message from each of these individuals was gratitude for the education, professional development, and networking skills they’ve gained from us. NAMIC-Virginia has provided the commonwealth with industry leadership, guidance, and diversity in communications.

Our virtual celebration had us all dancing in our seats as DJ J Soup brought the beats and kept the party alive. Prizes were given out during live raffles and trivia games to our members on the call. So much excitement was packed into this two-hour special event. Please check out our calendar for upcoming volunteer opportunities and events. Don’t forget to follow us on our many social media pages.

We Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop…and Can’t Wait to see what the next five years bring for our NAMIC-Virginia Chapter!

Click here to see the tributes we received for this very special occasion!

Click here to view the full event!

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