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The Evolution of Customer Care

On October 21st NAMIC- Virginia was joined by a group of esteemed industry leaders that discussed how the world of customer service has changed and the paths we can take to be more proactive in responding to customer issues. Click here to view the full event or continue reading for a recap of the discussion topics.

The customer journey has evolved in many ways over time, but more recently we have seen many advances in technology that have helped propel our industry into the future. We discussed the relationship that employees have with technology and how it assists them in providing world class customer care. Making sure to recognize while we still have some concerns with balancing training and upgrades made along the way, we know that overall it will enhance the customer experience.

If we pay attention to working smarter not harder and making strategic investments in our agents, we can ensure that the journey continues to move smoothly. It is important to invest in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion when developing the STEM workforce to safeguard the future of our industry and make it more easily accessible to all.  Also, things like A.I. and computer/machine learning can increase efficiencies and enable us to gather data on customer needs to develop a better human connected experience. Blending A.I. technology and human wisdom can enhance agent engagement, thus creating that world class service were looking for. With this blended environment we are more aware of biases and in turn it makes it easier to reverse or correct those biases in real time with machine learning.

The reoccurring theme throughout this session was reinvention. Remember that you are all digital ambassadors of our industry and we encourage you to spread the word of how we are redefining the evolution of customer care.

Thank you to our moderator Agnes Adolphine, Director of Learning and Implementation at Cox Communications and our panelists below:

Olu Adegoke- VP & Sr. Partner with IBM.

Katie Grist- Sr. Director Digital Care Strategy Ops with Cox Communications.

Abbie O’dell- Sr. Dir. Learning Services Field Ops with Cox Communications.

Kimberly Gibson- Sr. Dir. Customer Operations with Sparklight.

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