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Meet the Board

On last Tuesday, the NAMIC-Virginia Board and Committee Chairs expressed their individual passions about who we are, what we do, and how to get involved at our Meet the Board event. The moderator, Kimberly Voxland (Director of Public Relations for VCTA), asked each of our panelists engaging questions as to why they joined the NAMIC-Virginia Chapter, what made them take the step into their leadership roles, and how each of their roles play a part in growing the chapter’s future business and success in membership growth. Whether they threw their own name out there for personal growth and development, or were were thrust into greatness by their mentors, we got the feeling that each of them were tremendously grateful for the opportunities they have had during their time with NAMIC-Virginia.

If you missed the event please click here to take a look at the recording on our YouTube page.

With our shift from in person events to a 100% virtual environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have learned how to grow our chapter awareness with the support of our Corporate Sponsors and Community Partners.  We continue to build lasting relationships with both internal and external volunteers and partners, and to expand our Telecommunications Industry network exposure. If you’re looking to increase your own awareness within our Organization or across the industry, then taking a step into a leadership role with NAMIC-Virginia would be a major career enhancing decision to consider.

We encourage you to learn more about our Committee and Board positions, the NAMIC-Virginia Chapter, and promote your own professional growth while inspiring others on their paths to greatness.

We would like thank not only our moderator Kimberly Voxland, but also our generous Board and Chair members:

  • Lakysha Laing, President
  • Azariah Workman, Interim Vice President
  • Gail Thorogood, Secretary
  • Drew Sutton, Treasurer
  • Derrick Williams, Marketing & Logistics Chair
  • Taconya Hammond, Membership & Recruitment Chair
  • Tony Ford, Programming Chair

Continue to follow NAMIC-Virginia via social media and lookout for upcoming opportunities to get involved on our events page.

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