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LEVEL UP! – 10G: Looking Ahead to the Possibilities

Thank you to everyone that joined us today for our fireside chat we’ve long been waiting for, LEVEL UP! – 10g: Looking Ahead to the Possibilities. The moderator was Toni Stubbs, Vice-President, Technology, Field Engineering and Operations at Cox Communications. Our esteemed panel included Phil McKinney, President and CEO, CableLabs. Our other panelist was Michael Powell, President and CEO, NCTA, and Chair of the Mayo Clinic Board of Trustees.

We discussed 10G and all the possibilities enabled by this exciting technology. We learned that 10G is actually 10 Gigabits per second as opposed to 5G which refers to fifth generation wireless technology. 10G is the convergence of multiple technologies as part of a global effort to maximize speed, reliability, privacy, and security on our next generation networks. We gained valuable insight into the overall objective to be the best networking platform for others to use for next generation innovation.

We received a much better understanding of how this technology will facilitate advancements in artificial intelligence, healthcare applications, and high-capacity video centric applications. Our moderator and panel made it easy to understand how this is an invitation to innovation. We also heightened our awareness around the differences between speed, capacity, and latency.

There was also amazing conversation about 10G opening opportunities to ensure that nobody is left behind. We have an unwavering design principle and moral obligation to build systematically ensuring everyone throughout our footprints has access to fast, dependable connectivity. We also are determined to make certain even the lowest cost options maintain viability to bridge the divides within our communities. 10G technology truly will stimulate a new wave of innovation like never before while stimulating the economy and bringing connectivity to everyone. Thank you again to our host, panelists, and sponsors for this inspiring fireside chat with two giants in our industry!

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