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Lunch with Lakysha & Friends

Today was a special edition of Lunch with Lakysha as we welcomed guest speaker Juanita Thompson, Cancer Control Strategic Partnerships Manager at American Cancer Society. Lakysha shared her personal experience battling cancer and expressed gratitude for those that helped her along her journey. Family, friends, Cox Communications and other breast cancer warriors all rallied around Lakysha and gave her strength when she needed it most. We all celebrate Lakysha’s recovery and we came together to let her know that being a survivor is a superpower. When Lakysha was vulnerable, she received support and when she was lost, love and prayers helped her find her way. This was a day to recognize that the battle against cancer requires us all to lean in and remain determined to support those battling cancer along with organizations like the American Cancer Society working to promote new treatments and eventually a cure.


Every Woman’s Life – Virginia Health Department Free Breast and Cervical Screenings

American Cancer Society – Advancing Health Equity – Addressing Cancer Disparities

Movember Movement

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