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GIG Talk: Understanding Tomorrow’s Generation of Connectivity

Our GIG Talk was a powerful discussion about emerging technology and it’s impact on society. Rob Stoddard, SVP, Industry and Association Affairs at NCTA, moderated our all-star panel of industry executives. The panel included Mike Braham, SVP and General Manager at Trapollo and Abhi Ghosh, Senior Product Manager at Cox Communications. We were also joined by Steve Mace, AVP, Systems Technology, NCTA and Sarah Vergara, Senior Digital Media Strategist, Cablelabs.

Steve started the conversation by defining both 5G and 10G. Steve explained how 5G is the next generation of an existing set of standards. He continued to educate our audience that 10G relates to 10 gigabits per second. Steve helped us to understand that they are complimentary technologies with disparate use cases.

Abhi spoke about Cox’s commitment to provide equal access for their entire footprint as new technology becomes available. He also provided excellent perspective sharing how these technologies are evolutionary and not like flipping a switch. Abhi educated us on edge computing and how AI is an important piece of the design. He discussed intentional customer experiences and career opportunities emerging technology will drive.

Mike educated us on how Trapollo is using dynamic applications to empower people to age in place. Mike brought passion to the conversation discussing how technology can deliver improved mental, physical and spiritual health. He shared his thoughts that the best of what we have today is our collective solution. Mike also elaborated on using the best of both wired and wireless environments to bring healthcare to homes of underserved urban and rural communities. Powerful.

Sarah discussed the promise of these new technologies. Sarah shared how broadband remains central to digital experiences and emerging technologies. We were intrigued as she spoke about the real world and digital world colliding. It was a fascinating look at what’s required for mass adoption. We finished with a powerful Cablelabs video.

Click here to watch the full event.

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