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Are You Promotable?

Dr. David Arrington, Best Selling Author and CEO of Arrington Coaching, joined us to share what it takes to become the obvious choice in business and in life. We partnered with Cox’s Black/African American Employee Resource Group for this eye-opening event where we learned how to increase our value and land a promotion in any job market.

Dr. Arrington spoke about how to make ourselves indispensable, build healthy professional relationships and consistently invest in ourselves while maintaining appropriate work/life balance. We learned why it’s important to understand your leaders’ goals and how to look for opportunities to crush stretch assignments.

This was an empowering session where we discussed the importance of helping others to enable and accept rapid and relentless change. It’s about who knows you … not who you know! Thank you Dr. Arrington for sharing candid thoughts on mentoring, coaching, sponsorship and the distinction between them. Connect with NAMIC-Virginia on social media to ensure you take advantage of everything we have to offer!

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