Developing a Six-Figure Mindset

Today we were joined by Cheri Green, CFP, VP / Private Banker, Old Point National Bank. This was the first in our three-part web series, A Six-Figure Mindset. Our focus today was developing a six-figure mindset presented by NAMIC-Virginia and Old Point National Bank.

Cheri delivered a powerful presentation speaking specifically about strategies to refine our mindset about wealth generation and preservation. We discussed prioritizing goals in our personal and professional lives in order to maximize savings and reduce debt. Cheri also shared some incredible tools to help us on our fiscal journey towards our goals.

Cheri also helped us understand potential impediments to achieving our goals. Cheri was candid sharing her experiences helping individuals and families set their priorities while overcoming obstacles we all encounter along the way. There was a great Q & A where advice was offered and laughs were shared. Follow NAMIC-Virginia on Social Media and our events page and join us for Part II and Part III of our series in the coming months.

Did you know?

  • Old Point is a family of organizations founded nearly 100 years ago.
  • Old Point National Bank is a full service bank offering a wide range of financial services, from solutions focused on individuals and small businesses to comprehensive commercial services.
  • Old Point Mortgage delivers quality home loans and trusted service.
  • Old Point Insurance offers a full line of personal and commercial insurance offerings.
  • Old Point Trust is the largest trust company headquartered in Hampton Roads, offering a full range of wealth and investment services.
  • BauerFinancial, the nation’s leading bank rating firm, gives Old Point National Bank 5 out of 5 stars!


LEVEL UP! – 10G: Looking Ahead to the Possibilities

Thank you to everyone that joined us today for our fireside chat we’ve long been waiting for, LEVEL UP! – 10g: Looking Ahead to the Possibilities. The moderator was Toni Stubbs, Vice-President, Technology, Field Engineering and Operations at Cox Communications. Our esteemed panel included Phil McKinney, President and CEO, CableLabs. Our other panelist was Michael Powell, President and CEO, NCTA, and Chair of the Mayo Clinic Board of Trustees.

We discussed 10G and all the possibilities enabled by this exciting technology. We learned that 10G is actually 10 Gigabits per second as opposed to 5G which refers to fifth generation wireless technology. 10G is the convergence of multiple technologies as part of a global effort to maximize speed, reliability, privacy, and security on our next generation networks. We gained valuable insight into the overall objective to be the best networking platform for others to use for next generation innovation.

We received a much better understanding of how this technology will facilitate advancements in artificial intelligence, healthcare applications, and high-capacity video centric applications. Our moderator and panel made it easy to understand how this is an invitation to innovation. We also heightened our awareness around the differences between speed, capacity, and latency.

There was also amazing conversation about 10G opening opportunities to ensure that nobody is left behind. We have an unwavering design principle and moral obligation to build systematically ensuring everyone throughout our footprints has access to fast, dependable connectivity. We also are determined to make certain even the lowest cost options maintain viability to bridge the divides within our communities. 10G technology truly will stimulate a new wave of innovation like never before while stimulating the economy and bringing connectivity to everyone. Thank you again to our host, panelists, and sponsors for this inspiring fireside chat with two giants in our industry!

Annual Chapter Meeting

We had a great session headlined by our esteemed NAMIC-Virginia President, Lakysha Laing. It was an opportunity to celebrate our chapter’s accomplishments over the past year and to thank everyone that contributed to the 33 events we hosted in 2020. It was also a chance to look forward to 2021 with a renewed sense of passion around our vision. We are on a mission to educate, advocate and empower for multi-ethnic diversity in the communications industry.

Our focus this year will be to provide information and events focused on networking, learning and member support. We’ll also continue championing events centered around wellness, professional development and social justice. Connect with us on social media and take advantage of everything we have to offer!

Step Into Success – Redefining your Wardrobe

NAMIC-Virginia in partnership with Cox Communications’ Women’s ERG hosted Morgan A. Wider. Morgan is a distinguished Book Author, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Executive Image Consultant and Wardrobe Stylist. Morgan shared expert advice on ways we can show up authentically with power and presence. Morgan talked about the connections between executive presence and our credibility, likability and influence.

Morgan shared personal stories that allowed us to connect with her journey. We learned a new journey as well that includes investing in ourselves and connecting through our wardrobe to succeed. Morgan shared her Wider Style and the six styles that promotes us maximizing our personality in a professional way through our choice of apparel.

You can get a feel for Morgan’s book here.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

NAMIC-Virginia celebrated Black History Month with an amazing conversation about putting your best foot forward to achieve incredible results. Our event was moderated by Dr. David Arrington, founder of Arrington Coaching, LLC and Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of Promotable: How to Demonstrate Your Value, Highlight Your Potential & Land Your Next Promotion. Our special guest was Glennis Midgett, Receivables Management Leader at Cox Communications.

Glennis shared her courage discussing her career journey and multiple promotions while surviving breast cancer. She gave great advice for early career professionals that may not know where to start. Glennis spoke to the importance of sharing our aspirations with our leaders and joining organizations that feed our passion.

David and Glennis had great dialogue around making memorable connections and maintaining strong relationships that help to expand our comfort zones. Glennis also spoke with transparency about times she had to do just a little bit more as a female leader. It reminds us that women are leaders, influencers and strategists while sometimes having to work twice as hard as their male counterparts.

Glennis’s candor left everyone emotionally recharged to overcome obstacles in our personal and professional journeys. We knew this conversation would include actionable steps that will help us navigate our careers. We could not have known the emotional intelligence and authenticity Glennis would bring to this session. Thank you to both David and Glennis for genuine conversation we all needed. Please follow Namic-Virginia on our social media platforms and be sure to attend one of our events to join the discourse.


Meditation Monday

We were joined by Khalilah, Infin8te Lotus Owner, Lead Instructor, for Meditation Monday. Khalilah gave us techniques we can use to reduce stress and refocus on positive thoughts. Today we concentrated on meditation being a personal journey and feeling empowered to do it our own way. We shouldn’t be limited by preconceived notions about how it should look. Thank you to everyone that attended!

Not your average holiday party

Thank you to everyone that attended our holiday party hosted by NAMIC-Virginia and NAMIC-Capital Area. There were plenty of virtual tidings and good cheer! We has a joyous celebration filled with friends, fellowship and laughter. We all enjoyed games, contests and holiday trivia. Congratulations to our ugly sweater contest winner, Andrina Watson. We appreciate your continued support for this event and throughout the year. Happy holidays!

Salute to our Veterans – You Matter!

Namic-Virginia and Cox Communications’ Salute ERG partnered together to celebrate our veterans and thank them for their services. J.D. Myers II (U.S. Army) moderated the event as we heard personal experiences and resources from our panel. The panel included Marsha Kentish (U.S. Navy), Charles Davis (U.S. Marine Corp.), Antoine Hines (U.S. Navy), and Robert Ashurst (U.S. Navy/U.S. Coast Guard).

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Lunch with Lakysha & Friends

Today was a special edition of Lunch with Lakysha as we welcomed guest speaker Juanita Thompson, Cancer Control Strategic Partnerships Manager at American Cancer Society. Lakysha shared her personal experience battling cancer and expressed gratitude for those that helped her along her journey. Family, friends, Cox Communications and other breast cancer warriors all rallied around Lakysha and gave her strength when she needed it most. We all celebrate Lakysha’s recovery and we came together to let her know that being a survivor is a superpower. When Lakysha was vulnerable, she received support and when she was lost, love and prayers helped her find her way. This was a day to recognize that the battle against cancer requires us all to lean in and remain determined to support those battling cancer along with organizations like the American Cancer Society working to promote new treatments and eventually a cure.


Every Woman’s Life – Virginia Health Department Free Breast and Cervical Screenings

American Cancer Society – Advancing Health Equity – Addressing Cancer Disparities

Movember Movement