32nd Annual NAMIC Conference

The 32nd Annual NAMIC Conference was an amazing experience for the NAMIC Virginia Team! It’s been a long journey from our May 2017 incorporation but the results are more than worth it! NAMIC VA – Chapter of the Year has a very nice ring to it! Our committees and their leaders are the foundation to everything we do! In addition to the Chapter of the Year honor we are pleased to congratulate our Marketing Chair, Ashley Veal, our Programming Logistics Chair, Jessica Jones and their teams for their time and effort in 2017! The hard work of these amazing teams are the reason @namic_va took home the Marketing Excellence and Event Management Awards for our 2017 performance!

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One Year and Counting with NAMIC VA!


On May 31st, NAMIC Virginia members and their colleagues recounted the chapter’s journey to incorporation and action packed first year while enjoying giveaways from our sponsors, refreshments and great networking! The chapter also had the pleasure of hearing from special guest, James C. Jones, Senior Vice President of Education and Diversity Solutions with NAMIC National and Joiava Philpott, NAMIC National Board member and Vice President of Regulatory Affairs with Cox Communications. NAMIC Virginia has had an amazing first year and the celebration of our one year anniversary was just as amazing! Thank you to Regent University for providing a wonderful space for this milestone event!

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Sponsored by: Cox Communications, HBO, Showtime and Regent University!


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Make Smart Money Moves with NAMIC VA!

On April 30th, our partners at SunTrust Bank helped members invest in your financial future! During the “Retirement – Planning for a Life Well Spent” presentation participants were able to assess whether they are on track to reach your savings goals, begin planning for retirement, and learn about he challenges retirees face when they aren’t prepared.

Check out pictures from the event below!

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Sit Down with Joiava (“Joi”) Philpott, NAMIC National Board Member and VP of Regulatory Affairs at Cox Communications!

In honor of Black History Month, Cox Communications continues to celebrate the achievements and honor the contributions of African Americans throughout history in various ways. As a part of that commitment, Cox sat down with it’s VP of Regulatory Affairs, Joiava (Joi) Philpott, to talk about her recent election to chairperson of the NAMIC National Board and what it means to her role. Check out Joiava’s interview below courtesy of our partner Cox Communications.

Today, we hear from Joiava (“Joi”) Philpott, VP of Regulatory Affairs at CCI. Philpott, Joi-2016.jpgJoi’s team is responsible for guiding the business as it relates to regulations regarding data, voice and video. They are also tasked with advocating for Cox when it comes to our best interest at the FCC and state public utilities commissions.

Not only does Joi spend her days advocating for Cox, she was recently elected (January 2018) as chairperson of the national board of directors of the National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC). Check out Joi’s perspective on being a member of NAMIC and what it means to her role here at Cox.

Q: Is this your first time sitting on the board of the NAMIC organization?
A: I was a member of the national board of NAMIC a decade ago when I worked for another company. I’ve been at Cox for about six years, and rejoined the board a year ago. However, this is my first time actually chairing it.

Q: What is your role as board chair and what does it mean to you?
A: On a personal level, it means the incredible opportunity to help contribute to the goal of diversity in the workplace, not just at Cox, but in the communications industry as well.

Q: How about on a professional level?
A: The board chair is responsible for carrying out NAMIC’s mission which is to educate, advocate and empower for multi-ethnic diversity. This role allows me to learn and contribute alongside some of the best and the brightest in the industry where together, we can work to advance Diversity & Inclusion goals at every company we serve. I feel a large sense of commitment in the communications sector for Diversity & Inclusion efforts that I am proud to be a part of.

Q: Considering this is Black History Month (BHM), does serving on this board hold any type of special significance?
A: Cox has continually ranked well in DiversityInc’s Top 50 companies for diversity, which is important not just during specific heritage months like BHM, but all year long to promote multi-ethnicity throughout the workplace.

Q: Do you have any advice you would like to share with your fellow colleagues around Diversity & Inclusion and how everyone can get involved?
A: The best advice I can give to my fellow colleagues is to learn as much as possible about one another. Embrace one another’s differences, and don’t be afraid to cross different types of groups. I’m also a huge advocate of the ERGs here at Cox – it absolutely doesn’t matter if you don’t associate with a certain group; join anyway, educate yourself and support your peers.

Source: The Current – Cox Communications, February 27, 2018

Author: Christina Thompson – Sr. Communications Specialist at Cox Communications

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NAMIC VA Chapter Kick-Off

The NAMIC Virginia Chapter Kick-Off was THE place to be on 9/13/2017 for Communications, Media, and Entertainment Professionals and what a celebration it was!! We are proud of all that has been accomplish on our journey to establishing our chapter in the Hampton Roads and Richmond areas.

Special thanks go out to our Sponsors, Cox Communications and Revolt TV for playing a major part in making this event possible. We would also like the thank our Steering Committee members, Advisory Board, and vendors for their investment of time and energy into the logistics of this event. Don’t miss the next NAMIC Virginia event!

NAMIC Virginia is making moves and we want YOU to be a part of it. To join: www.NamicVirginia.com/join

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ODU Dream Makers Radio Show Appearance

On September 7th, 2017, NAMIC Leaders, Tanika Fagan, Vonya Alleyne and Lakysha Laing were welcomed to the ODU Dream Maker show to discuss our growing chapter!! As we look to grow our student membership, NAMIC VA is very excited to capitalize on opportunities such as this to get in front of the student population to discuss this great opportunity for professional development, networking and mentoring with NAMIC Virginia!!

To watch the interview click here: ODU Dream Makers Show Interview