Great updates at the NAMIC VA Annual Chapter Meeting!!

NAMIC Virginia had it’s 2nd Annual Chapter Meeting in Chesapeake. The attendees were greeted with refreshments and snacks and provided an update on the accomplishments of the Chapter. NAMIC VA President, Vonya Alleyne presented the highlights of the year and urged members to volunteer if they had the desire to get more involved. Each of the Chapter Leaders and Committee Leaders shared about their responsibilities within the organization and spoke about their successes, challenges, and any available volunteer opportunities. Vice President, Lakysha Laing, shared a few housekeeping items and Secretary, Gail Thorogood lead a Q&A session for the attendees. NAMIC VA is looking forward to an amazing 2020!

And the “Listen Award” goes to…

…NAMIC VA’s very own President, Vonya Alleyne!

Vonya was recognized with the Listen Award at the WICT DC/Baltimore Chapter’s Powerbrokers Breakfast – Honoring Touchstones of Leadership Award signature event held on October 4, 2019. She was recognized for one of WICT’s seven touchstones of leadership – “LISTEN, with more than your ears.” Vonya attributes her ability to listen with empathy, care and sensitivity from the example her mom set for her at an early age. We can all attest to how she listens to us and does so with empathy and patience. Congratulations Vonya, you are so deserving of this award!

Join us for the 2019 Annual Chapter Member Meeting!!

This year’s Annual Chapter Meeting will take place on October 9, 2019 at the Cox Communication office located at 1341 Crossways Blvd, Chesapeake, VA 23320 or on a WebEx if you can only attend virtually. It is scheduled for 9:30AM-10:30AM and we will hear from our Chapter Leaders about all of the wonderful accomplishments we have achieved this year. We will also hear about what exciting things we have planned for the rest of this year and the year to come!! You don’t want to miss this! Refreshments will be served as well!

Register here:

Integrity Leadership 3-Part Webinar!

In Part One of our 3-Part Series around Leadership Integrity Raquelle Zuzarte, Founder of EQUITY: Project for All, illustrated key principles, behaviors, and real life examples that drive Integrity Leadership. She provided practical tools to apply these Integrity Leadership principles to every day life on the job and in our personal lives.

In the Third Part of the 3-Part Series, Raquelle will be drawing on the principles of persuasive storytelling. Participants will maximize their gravitas as leaders who influence and win people to their way of thinking.  They will learn the secrets of reframing arguments in a win-win framework, how to negotiate with limited resources towards a common goal, increase their organizational impact and deepen diverse relationships across their stakeholders

Don’t miss it!

Integrity Leadership: Persuasive Storytelling (Part 3) – October 17, 2019

NAMIC VA Harnessed the Power of Focus!

We all get distracted. These distractions throughout our day don’t just cost us minutes, they can cost us hours. Some days it can feel like we got nothing done at all. Multiply that over a week, month, or year and the cost of being distracted adds up quickly. At Power of Focus, presented by NAMIC VA, we identified common distractions, how to mitigate them and provided 4 proven ways to remain focused even under hectic circumstances.

Level Up! Building Your Strategic Muscle

On March 20th, workshop attendees took their career to the next level by joining us at NAMIC Virginia’s signature event LEVEL UP! At this full day interactive workshop, attendees learned to structure their approach to strategic challenges by learning how to think, plan and act strategically from an expert panel of career strategist from our Premier Partner, Cox Communications!!

The NAMIC Virginia Chapter embraces diversity and success by sharing real world topics to broaden our perspectives in the communications industry.


The 4 most important future skills needed for leaders

  • Inspiring Commitment
  • Leading Employees
  • Thinking Strategically
  • Change Management

Action steps that lead to a winning strategy

  • Know the goal
  • Ask the right questions
  • Be curious – get to the first layer, second layer, …
  • Listen, listen, listen
  • Know your stakeholders
  • Be a story teller

Systematic approach to problem solving, you must…

  • Clarify the Problem
  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Evaluate Hypotheses
  • Execute Solutions

A successful strategy requires Diverse Perspectives!!

Key Quote:
“Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different.” -Michael Porter, Harvard Business School

Feel free to review our slideshow of images from the event below!!

Jingle and Mingle with NAMIC VA


Fun was had by all as NAMIC VA members took the time to celebrate season with an evening of giveaways, networking, food, and tons of holiday cheer! On top of dynamic networking at the beautiful Noah’s of Chesapeake, attendees won an array of exciting prizes including holiday gifts, Amazon and Visa Gift Cards and an Toshiba 32-inch Amazon HD LED Smart TV with Alexa!! Check out the event picture below!!

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32nd Annual NAMIC Conference

The 32nd Annual NAMIC Conference was an amazing experience for the NAMIC Virginia Team! It’s been a long journey from our May 2017 incorporation but the results are more than worth it! NAMIC VA – Chapter of the Year has a very nice ring to it! Our committees and their leaders are the foundation to everything we do! In addition to the Chapter of the Year honor we are pleased to congratulate our Marketing Chair, Ashley Veal, our Programming Logistics Chair, Jessica Jones and their teams for their time and effort in 2017! The hard work of these amazing teams are the reason @namic_va took home the Marketing Excellence and Event Management Awards for our 2017 performance!

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To see more picture from the event, click HERE.