Make Money Moves Part 3

NAMIC-Virginia welcomed Cheri Green, CFP, SVP / Private Banker, from Old Point National Bank again with her team for our final session of our three part series “Make Money Moves”. The focus today was developing Tactics for Wealth Growth and Preservation. We discussed strategies for building and maintaining our wealth for the future. Alan Witt Jr, LPL Financial Advisor from Old Point Investment Services, delivered an engaging presentation on Fortifying Your Financial Future.

Setting goals now and factoring in inflation changes using the tools provided in the presentation will help you along the way to retirement stability. Utilizing 401k programs, IRAs, and Stocks are some savings options available to reach your retirement dreams. It’s only natural to feel nervous or unprepared for the future when nobody knows exactly what it holds, but being prepared and well informed can alleviate your fears and concerns.

Be sure to consider any other financial goals you may have while calculating what you will need for retirement. Do you have children heading to college? Do you foresee being a caretaker for a loved one? Planning ahead can take away stress associated with any unexpected expenses and still allow you live comfortably for many years after leaving your job.

So what is your magic savings number? Alan provided a helpful worksheet to assist in answering that question. Once you’ve determined what that will be and how you will plan to save for it, don’t forget to think about estate planning. This piece is just as important. Drafting a will and determining how your assets will be distributed amongst loved ones and/or charities will remove the unnecessary strains of probate hearings.

Finally, Cynthia Kuncl, SVP, Director of Private Banking from Old Point National Bank, wrapped up the series with a recap. The previous sessions had us thinking with  A Six Figure Mindset and taught us how to Save Our Coins.

A big thank you again to Old Point National Bank for partnering with NAMIC-Virginia on the Make Money Moves 3 part series.

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Meet the Board

On last Tuesday, the NAMIC-Virginia Board and Committee Chairs expressed their individual passions about who we are, what we do, and how to get involved at our Meet the Board event. The moderator, Kimberly Voxland (Director of Public Relations for VCTA), asked each of our panelists engaging questions as to why they joined the NAMIC-Virginia Chapter, what made them take the step into their leadership roles, and how each of their roles play a part in growing the chapter’s future business and success in membership growth. Whether they threw their own name out there for personal growth and development, or were were thrust into greatness by their mentors, we got the feeling that each of them were tremendously grateful for the opportunities they have had during their time with NAMIC-Virginia.

If you missed the event please take a look at the recording on our YouTube page.

With our shift from in person events to a 100% virtual environment due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we have learned how to grow our chapter awareness with the support of our Corporate Sponsors and Community Partners.  We continue to build lasting relationships with both internal and external volunteers and partners, and to expand our Telecommunications Industry network exposure. If you’re looking to increase your own awareness within our Organization or across the industry, then taking a step into a leadership role with NAMIC-Virgina would be a major career enhancing decision to consider.

We encourage you to learn more about our Committee and Board positions, the NAMIC-Virginia Chapter, and promote your own professional growth while inspiring others on their paths to greatness.

We would like thank not only our moderator Kimberly Voxland, but also our generous Board and Chair members:

Lakysha Laing, President

Azariah Workman, Interim Vice President

Gail Thorogood, Secretary

Drew Sutton, Treasurer

Derrick Williams, Marketing & Logistics Chair

Taconya Hammond, Membership & Recruitment Chair

Tony Ford, Programming Chair

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NAMIC – Virginia Virtual Escape Room Adventure!

On Wednesday, September 22nd the NAMIC-Virginia Team was transported to a remote adventure, where they put their teamwork skills to use in rescuing the greedy, gambling, gold prospector, Clyde Hamilton from trouble with some “bad people” and were able to find the gold just in the nick of time. This interactive virtual escape room was a great way to “escape” the day to day work and have some fun, meet other NAMIC-Virginia members, and team build. NAMIC-Virginia President Lakysha Laing said “It was such an immersive experience and it felt like you were in the room in person.” Thank you to all that were able to make it out for this amazing adventure!

Green Energy in Technology: A Commitment to Our Future

On July 29th, Industry leaders discussed the importance of Green Technology and how it plays a critical role in the future of our society.  This panel consisted of Carla Walker Miller, Founder and CEO of Walker- Miller Energy Services, Derek DiGiacomo, Sr. Director of Energy Management Programs and Business Continuity, Doug Johnson, Vice President of Technology and Policy for the Consumer Technology Association, Sam Khoula, Director of Sustainability for Liberty Global, and moderator Jeff Merritt, Vice President of Cox Communications Roanoke.

The conversation surrounded sustainability, energy management, effective usage, and the importance of diversity within this industry. This conversation was extremely informative and impactful to the audience in the virtual space based on the feedback we received. If you missed it don’t worry, follow the link to our YouTube page for the recording.

Let’s Talk About It!: Join the movement and become an ally to the AAPI community

Today we had a powerful discussion on how we can stand together and support our Asian American & Pacific Islander friends and family in their fight against racism. The event was moderated by Tammy Meanor, VP, HR Strategy & Enablement, Cox Communications. We were also joined by My Lan Tran, Executive Director at Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce (VACC). Our panel was also graced by Hillary Li, Attorney at Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Atlanta (formerly AALAC). We were also joined by Chung Yu, Call Center Technology leader, Cox Communications and Alex Shyu, Consultant, Capgemini. Our esteemed panel was rounded out with Elizabeth Friedman, Senior Project Manager at Cox Communications.

This was an impactful conversation that started with our accomplished panel discussing their role models and what has influenced their desire to be a champion for equality. We discussed how to handle stress with events happening in our communities and personal lives. While activists for justice and fairness, our panel was also candid about how they find time for their own mental health.

Our panel shared resources available for those that want to be allies against AAPI hate. One excellent resource we would encourage everyone to visit is Please take the time to understand the real concerns of the AAPI community and the challenges they face. Crisis response is important when gripping events happen but we must carry it forward to advocate for policy reform, voting rights for all and ongoing community care.

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Get Your Hustle On!

NAMIC-Virginia in partnership with The Connect 757 was proud to host the next chapter in our virtual brunch series, Get Your Hustle On! We were joined by Domenick Epps, Co-Founder of Wall Street Café. Our panel also included Amber Rice, VP, Small Business Relationship Manager with Old Point National Bank and Josh Green, Director, Innovation Commercialization Assistant Program (ICAP).

This was an engaging session where we discussed strategies to turn your side hustle into a fulfilling career. It was inspiring to hear success stories from our panelists about people that have turned their dreams into reality and overcome obstacles to leave their uninspired jobs and see their entrepreneurial ambitions become reality.

Developing a Six-Figure Mindset

Today we were joined by Cheri Green, CFP, VP / Private Banker, Old Point National Bank. This was the first in our three-part web series, A Six-Figure Mindset. Our focus today was developing a six-figure mindset presented by NAMIC-Virginia and Old Point National Bank.

Cheri delivered a powerful presentation speaking specifically about strategies to refine our mindset about wealth generation and preservation. We discussed prioritizing goals in our personal and professional lives in order to maximize savings and reduce debt. Cheri also shared some incredible tools to help us on our fiscal journey towards our goals.

Cheri also helped us understand potential impediments to achieving our goals. Cheri was candid sharing her experiences helping individuals and families set their priorities while overcoming obstacles we all encounter along the way. There was a great Q & A where advice was offered and laughs were shared. Follow NAMIC-Virginia on Social Media and our events page and join us for Part II and Part III of our series in the coming months.

Did you know?

  • Old Point is a family of organizations founded nearly 100 years ago.
  • Old Point National Bank is a full service bank offering a wide range of financial services, from solutions focused on individuals and small businesses to comprehensive commercial services.
  • Old Point Mortgage delivers quality home loans and trusted service.
  • Old Point Insurance offers a full line of personal and commercial insurance offerings.
  • Old Point Trust is the largest trust company headquartered in Hampton Roads, offering a full range of wealth and investment services.
  • BauerFinancial, the nation’s leading bank rating firm, gives Old Point National Bank 5 out of 5 stars!


LEVEL UP! – 10G: Looking Ahead to the Possibilities

Thank you to everyone that joined us today for our fireside chat we’ve long been waiting for, LEVEL UP! – 10g: Looking Ahead to the Possibilities. The moderator was Toni Stubbs, Vice-President, Technology, Field Engineering and Operations at Cox Communications. Our esteemed panel included Phil McKinney, President and CEO, CableLabs. Our other panelist was Michael Powell, President and CEO, NCTA, and Chair of the Mayo Clinic Board of Trustees.

We discussed 10G and all the possibilities enabled by this exciting technology. We learned that 10G is actually 10 Gigabits per second as opposed to 5G which refers to fifth generation wireless technology. 10G is the convergence of multiple technologies as part of a global effort to maximize speed, reliability, privacy, and security on our next generation networks. We gained valuable insight into the overall objective to be the best networking platform for others to use for next generation innovation.

We received a much better understanding of how this technology will facilitate advancements in artificial intelligence, healthcare applications, and high-capacity video centric applications. Our moderator and panel made it easy to understand how this is an invitation to innovation. We also heightened our awareness around the differences between speed, capacity, and latency.

There was also amazing conversation about 10G opening opportunities to ensure that nobody is left behind. We have an unwavering design principle and moral obligation to build systematically ensuring everyone throughout our footprints has access to fast, dependable connectivity. We also are determined to make certain even the lowest cost options maintain viability to bridge the divides within our communities. 10G technology truly will stimulate a new wave of innovation like never before while stimulating the economy and bringing connectivity to everyone. Thank you again to our host, panelists, and sponsors for this inspiring fireside chat with two giants in our industry!

Annual Chapter Meeting

We had a great session headlined by our esteemed NAMIC-Virginia President, Lakysha Laing. It was an opportunity to celebrate our chapter’s accomplishments over the past year and to thank everyone that contributed to the 33 events we hosted in 2020. It was also a chance to look forward to 2021 with a renewed sense of passion around our vision. We are on a mission to educate, advocate and empower for multi-ethnic diversity in the communications industry.

Our focus this year will be to provide information and events focused on networking, learning and member support. We’ll also continue championing events centered around wellness, professional development and social justice. Connect with us on social media and take advantage of everything we have to offer!

Step Into Success – Redefining your Wardrobe

NAMIC-Virginia in partnership with Cox Communications’ Women’s ERG hosted Morgan A. Wider. Morgan is a distinguished Book Author, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Executive Image Consultant and Wardrobe Stylist. Morgan shared expert advice on ways we can show up authentically with power and presence. Morgan talked about the connections between executive presence and our credibility, likability and influence.

Morgan shared personal stories that allowed us to connect with her journey. We learned a new journey as well that includes investing in ourselves and connecting through our wardrobe to succeed. Morgan shared her Wider Style and the six styles that promotes us maximizing our personality in a professional way through our choice of apparel.

You can get a feel for Morgan’s book here.